Holistic therapist

My journey to Holistic Healing

I have worked in PR and Marketing since the 1990s and in 2002 I set up my own PR agency.  Life was hectic, with two young daughters and a business to run, I was expected to be the life and soul of the party and be seen at the right events, bars, restaurants plus lots of business travel – it took its toll on me.

In 2016, I discovered a new way of healing the body.  I just didn’t feel right, I wasn’t ill but I wasn’t well either.  My body was aching, it felt off balance and just not right.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.   I went to my G.P and told them how I was feeling and they wanted to prescribe me anti-depressants.  This started my journey into looking at alternative therapies and I found how Kinesiology could help.  After just one session, the difference was amazing.

Now I offer a range of treatments to look after you.


My holistic treatments, Kinesiology, Massage and more

I visited a local Kinesiologist, I wanted to find the root cause of the issue rather than just take a tablet every day to cover it up and hope it would go away.  This started my interest in alternative therapies.  With just one treatment I found out I had a gut imbalance and I had some food allergies.  The treatment was so interesting, I went away feeling like I was floating and literally wanted to skip down the road.  Someone had listened, someone had helped and communicated with my body had responded.

I wanted to be able to do this for other people.  In 2017 I began my training as a Kinesiologist.  I trained with The Association of Systematic Kinesiology and did my Foundation and Practitioner levels.

I then went on to study Holistic Massage and I now offer a range of massages to relieve tension and stress and work on Chakra balancing, Meridian brushing and Indian Head Massage.

It’s time to take care of you

Time for you

The Holistic Holidays

For 2023 I am excited to be launching The Holistic Holidays.  I have put together an amazing week of healing, learning and information for you to learn about your body.  This is a holiday with a holistic approach to you, this is one holiday you won’t be leaving with just a sun tan but a new you. Chose from Ibiza, Turkey and the UK.

These holidays are a retreat with a difference, you will receive individual tailored treatments, lifestyle analysis, assessments and tools to help you understand your body plus relaxing group activities whilst enjoying all that the area has to offer with local foods, drinks and day trips plus time to just soak up the sun by the pool.


I’ll keep you up to date on what’s trending in the world of holistic treatments & share my best top tips along the way.